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Welcome to Seikatsu Aikido 

Meet instructor James Sowerby and view a short clip on Seikatsu Aikido



"Aikido" - A harmonious way of power

Aikido is a Japanese self defence Martial Art that employs the energy and aggression of an attacker to instigate a series of locks and holds and throws. This Art consists of traditional Samurai Ju-Jitsu technique and values.  The founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba Sensei, adapted the skills and philosophy of the Samurai warrior into the martial art we know today, a very efficient and comprehensive method of self defence to open handed and weapon attacks.

Any one can learn Aikido and we encourage you to contact us for some free introductory classes to see what we are about. We teach and learn in safe and friendly environment that will improve your strength, fitness, coordination and self confidence.

Instructor - James Sowerby 4th  Dan Iwama Style Aikido.

  ph:  0415. 395. 696   

 Training at 136 Sussex st, Pascoe Vale

Training times

Monday-   6.45 to 8.30pm (lesson start 7.00 sharp)

Wednesday-  6.45 to 8.30 pm (lesson start 7.00 sharp)

Thursday- 6.45 to 8.30 pm (lesson start 7.00 sharp)

   Saturday- 10.15 to 12.00 pm(lesson start 10.30 sharp)

Kids Aikido

please visit this link -

Feel free to come and watch any session!


$130 pcm - Train as much as you like.

Average 12 classes/month =approx  $10 / class

Student rate $115 pcm.

Discount for more than one member of a family

No joining fee, no annual fees.


Training Gi - approx $40

Wooden training sword and staff - range from $25 to $150 ea.

Training weapons and uniform not necessary for free intro classes. 

James is a student of Michael Field Sensei 5th Dan, designated Headmaster of Australasian Iwama Ryu Aikido by the late Morihiro Saito Sensei.

Grading Day Saturday Nov 2016

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